Gone are the days of shooting being only a “guy thing.” According to the NSSF, approximately 37 percent of new shooters are female. This means the gun range is no longer a male refuge. Although we are still very much the minority, there are plenty of shooters without a Y chromosome putting lead downrange.

Girl and a gun shooting league

There’s even several women’s shooting leagues, like A Girl & A Gun!

Despite the growing trend, there is still a social stigma surrounding women shooters. Female hunters are regularly shamed in the media, and some like Eva Shockey and Kendall Jones receive regular death threats. The media also has a habit of painting gun owners as morally questionable.

Obviously, these aren’t going to be major selling points for getting your girlfriend to the range.

Not good
Death threats? Kinda not a good look.

However, if your girlfriend is digging her heels in and resisting giving shooting a shot, it could be due to these common negative perceptions. You may need to address these perceptions before you try to lure her to the range.

If possible, introduce her to some female shooters. We tend to smash the stereotypes of the “gun guy.” Most of us are pretty approachable, and we love to help get other women started in shooting.


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